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We’ve worked with over two thousand innovators. Our business plan writing service extends to incorporation, consultancy, and referrals for legal services including UK tier 1 applications. We work with VISA's for Innovator, graduate and innovators immigration.
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Business Matching

We offer a unique, unrivalled service available for genuine UK innovators/investors who want to invest and work within a company in the UK.
We help investors find quality, pre-vetted investment opportunities from middle-stage companies that match their skill set and personality, making sure that a role is available for them in the company and that all the tier 1 visa requirements are met.
For companies, we offer access, application and investment from overseas investors. Companies benefit from having a professional business plan written for them, access to our consultancy services, and an investor who has the potential to introduce them to new markets.

Your questions, answered by our team

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Why did the home office make a business plan a compulsory document for the tier 1 visa application?

The Genuine Innovator Test was introduced by the home office in 2013 to help prove that innovators applying for a Tier 1 innovator visa were genuine in their plans to start or invest in a UK business.

Assuming that to be genuine, the innovators would have had to have researched the UK market in order to have decided that the UK was the place for them to set up their business. The home office's approach was to introduce the required business plan in order to prove that the prospective innovators not only had chosen the UK post research, but also had the knowledge and skills required to invest in or run their business successfully.

In the home office's eyes, a genuine innovator would never invest £200k in a business without knowing their business model, their competitors, their proposed location and delivery strategy inside out, The business plan is one way the Home Office can assess an Innovator’s dedication, expertise and capability to contribute to the UK economy in order to support them being awarded a Tier 1 innovator visa.

As UK business experts, our goal is not just to have a business plan that supports your application, but also one that assists you post Visa.

We’ve been writing business plans for the Tier 1 VISA scheme since before it was a required document. With over 10 years of experience, we are able to offer law firms and direct innovators the best service, fully loaded with our money back guarantee. So, if your application is rejected because of a problem with the business plan, we’ll fully refund you.

Why VisaPlanWriter?

Business Specialists.

We are part of the PlanWriter group, writing business plans for companies raising £50m +. We are business specialists, and we treat our visa business plans in the same way that we would treat any other business.

Tier 1 Compliance Experts.

We surround ourselves with experts who routinely advise us on the ever-changing landscape of UK immigration law. Specifically regarding the tier 1 innovator visa, the innovator visa and the graduate visa.

We only do what we're good at.

We leave the immigration application itself to the professionals. We don't think immigration firms should offer business plan services and we don't provide immigration application support. We know what we are good at and what we're not.

Post VISA support.

We don't disappear after you've got your VISA. We can connect with you to professional partners for mentorship, marketing, accounting and more.

Superior Investment opportunity searches

We work with hundreds of UK businesses, but only a couple are selected for introduction to our visa innovators. We match based not only on your cv but chemistry and risk awareness.

We build smart tools.

VisaPlanWriter is always building tools to make our process is better for our clients. For instance, we recently integrated a plagiarism checker to give you peace of mind that our work is 100% unique.

Can't I just write it myself?

Yes, absolutely, we've seen dozens of clients that have been approved with plans they wrote themselves. This number, however, is a minority, and most cases have their visa applications rejected. This is for a number of reasons:

1 - Lack of access to market research

As professional writers and researchers, we have access to 1000's of premium market research reports. This goes over and beyond the fact that we are in the UK ourselves. We know the local markets, we understand effective UK marketing strategies.

2 - Business plans taking content off the internet.

One of the most common mistakes a Tier 1 innovator visa applicant makes is also the biggest. Very often, innovators copy a business plan from the internet. Home Office officials have a plagiarism checker and can post these practices a mile off. Doing this means your application will be rejected.

3 - Lack of understanding of the UK financial system.

All accounts should always be drafted by chartered accountants who have a solid knowledge of the UK tax system. Where clients have attempted this themselves, they have almost always made mistakes. Your financials are crucial to your business plan, and the home office will grill you on them.

4 - Misunderstanding on the difference between a standard business plan and a business plan for a tier 1 visa application.

For any innovator starting a business, a business plan is a vital document as it defines your roadmap for the future and helps attract investment and loan offers.

We receive many enquiries from innovators who tell us they have an MBA or other business qualification. That's great; it will help you run your business. But a tier 1 visa business plan should be simple and ensure that it meets the home office criteria for funds being spent, employees being hired and more.

5 - A poor business model.

Your business may not be viable, that's a standard issue with UK business visa applications. Or, it may not need the £200k investment. Using a business plan writing service like ours for your visa application means the first thing we will do is see if your business is viable for the home office.

6 - A non innovator visa compliant model.

You can't come to the UK and start 'any' business. You will need to ensure that your business industry/model/idea is in line with the rules of the visa.