How can I find a good company to invest in?

“Business matching is growing in popularity but it's still quite rare for an investor (of this kind) to source their own investments. The reason is that it is not hard to find companies that need investment but it is hard to find a company that:

  1. Is happy to have you named as a director of their business. 
  2. Is willing to spend a large portion of your investment on 2 members of staff. 
  3. Is willing to help you with any paperwork you'll need at your 3 year mark for your renewal. 
At PlanWriter, we try and find you a low risk investment. 

This means we look for even more from our companies:

  1. Zero debt. 
  2. No existing director loans.
  3. At least 2 years of company accounts. 
  4. Strong credit rating. 
Due diligence at our end includes the following:

  1. Management interviews. 
  2. Credit rating on business, past businesses of directors, and personal credit checks where considered appropriate. 
  3. Account review - what's on companies house but also a forensic look at their management accounts and bank statements. 
  4. Our own independent business valuation and forecast 
  5. Market research including competitor research. 
How do we find these companies?

We are a child company of the PlanWriter Group. PlanWriter is Europe's leading business planning and idea devlopment consultancy. They work with companies all over the world, hosting regular growth, investment and marketing workshops. They mentor over 100 businesses at any time and have access to some of the best quality investments before they start looking for investment. 


You'll need to find a business that matches your skill set. If you've got a background in finance, we don't advise investing in a restaurant. 

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