I need a business plan, can you help?

“We get dozens of enquiries each week from overseas individuals looking to apply for their visa. They've seen online or been instructed by their immigration advisor that a business plan is now a requirement. Their next step is to search for writers, find us and ask for help in preparing their document. So can we help or not?

A business plan is not the same as business consultancy or idea development. This is the key takeaway from this answer. 

At the very least we expect our clients to come to us when they already have:

  1. A business idea. This cannot be a general industry such as 'marketing' or 'hotel' - it needs to be specific such as 'online marketing agency' or 'hotel management service'. 
  2. A location. The location of your business greatly impacts the financials, local competitor research and even the types of roles you'll need to hire. We do not source specific locations for you, though we can find example locations if you provide us with what you're looking for. 
  3. An up to date CV. We'll need this to highlight how your intended business matches with your skill set. Very important for the home office. 
  4. Time. You will need time to fill in our questionnaire, view our drafts and respond to our updates with feedback. 
Provided you have these minimal requirements from the get go, we will do the rest.

  1. Full local and UK market research on your target market, competitors. 
  2. Any legal or other regulations your business will need to adhere. 
  3. Price checking for your financial model. 
  4. Marketing planning. 
  5. Full UK compliant financial model. 
  6. Tier 1 compliant assurance. 
And, as always, your plan is guaranteed with our quality guarantee.