Is Business Matching the safer option for my Visa?

“Every day we speak to clients directly or through our professional immigration partners who ask us for insight into what sort of business they should set up in the UK.  

Our opinion is as follows: 

If you do not have a solid business model that you want to start in the UK, then business matching is your best chance of Visa approval and the lowest risk for your investment.  

This does not mean either is guaranteed.  

Other reasons business matching may be for you: 

1 - You’ve already got your Visa but you have changed your mind on your business idea.  
2 - Your business experience is in property, construction, oil, gas, manufacturing, or other business types that cannot be replicated for £200k in the UK.  
3 - You genuinely want to invest in a business in the UK that excites you and has the prospect of giving you a return.  

If you think business matching could be for you, we will arrange a pitch evening whereby between 5 and 20 pre-qualified businesses (ensuring they are tier 1 compliant) pitch to you during a pitch evening. These will be geared towards your experience and qualifications to make sure you have the best chance of the best match.”