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Adna Vasdawani - United Arab Emirates

I love the team at PlanWriter they are personal and down to earth. They helped me create a strategy to bring my business to the UK.

Adna came to us wanting to bring her already successful authentic Indian restaurant, to London.

Adna had a successful restaurant business in the UAE and wanted to bring the concept to the UK through the Tier 1 Sole rep Visa program. We helped her at every step of the way, from market research to making sure her idea was viable, to her application and supporting documents. She attained her visa, and her first UK restaurant is opening soon!

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  • The innovators. 

    As Adna was in the UAE looking after her business, we arranged an initial Skype consultation to understand her requirements and let her know what documentation would be needed to begin the process. 

  • The business. 

    Adna wanted to set up her existing company in the UK, but had no knowledge of the business climate here. Through our business consultancy, we provided her with all the information she needed, to both ensure her business would be viable here and she would be successful in her application. 

  • The business Plan.

    Adna already knew her business model worked in the UAE, but needed this to be translated into the UK market through a detailed business plan. We researched the business climate, competitors and market research.  This helped us work together to write a T1 sole rep compliant business plan that would also serve as a roadmap for her company's future growth. 

  • The VISA. 

    PlanWriter recommended an immigration advisor with Adna's budget who took care of all of the paperwork and legal documents necessary for Adna to attain her Tier 1 Sole rep Visa, keeping her up to date with correspondence from the Home Office by Skype and email - until she was able to come the UK and meet in person. 

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