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Chrissy Choo - Hong Kong

I am so happy with my investment, I can now relax. Thank you!

Chrissy already had her visa approved, but she had changed her mind.

Starting your own business when the stakes are so high can be scary. That's why Chrissy started to worry about starting her own business and asked us to find her something low risk to invest in.

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  • The innovators. 

    Chrissy is savvy. Her & her husband have a thriving meat business in Hong Kong and are expanding into restaurants. Initially, she wanted to start a restaurant here, but realised that London and Hong Kong markets are very different and she'd be safer to invest in some one else. 

  • The business. 

    Chrissy's main concern was clear from the beginning. She wanted a company with zero debt, she wanted a company that had 5 years + accounts, and she wanted a business who's managers she trusted. We did one better. We found a business that was turning over £1m/year already. Trading for over 10 years, no debt - not even an overdraft. The company is run by husband-wife team, which Chrissy specifically liked. All in all, we don't think we could have found her a lower risk investment opportunity for her uk visa. 

  • The business Plan.

    Chrissy's visa was already approved, so she will not need a business plan until year 3, when it's time for her to renew. 

  • The VISA. 

    Chrissy did not need to reapply but she did anyway to ensure that her dependants were approved this time - she found a new immigration firm (recommended by us!) and her kids are now dependants and not reliant on student visas. Great news all round!

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