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Dmitrii Romashchin - Russia

Thank you for finding me a company to invest in that's such a good match - it's great to be a part of such a wonderful team!

Dmitrii, 24, had just graduated with a masters in Computer Sciences and was eager to invest in an IT company that would allow him to use his newly learnt skills.

Dmitrii had a very specific idea of what sort of company he wanted to invest it but he needed us to source this for him - and ensure the investment would be tier 1 compliant.

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  • The innovators. 

    Upon meeting Dmitrii it was clear his English was fantastic and his technology knowledge was extremely proficient. However he didn't have any prior work experience as he had just graduated - so we knew it would be valuable for him to try and gain some as soon as possible.

  • The business. 

    Dmitrii had just completed his studies and really wanted to be in an environment where he could get some valuable experience and test out his newly learnt skills. Once our business matching team had found an IT consulting firm that was a perfect fit for Dmitri, he began to spend time at the company gaining work experience prior to his investment. 

  • The business Plan.

    Before presenting Dmitrii with a short list of IT companies to possibly invest into, we did full due diligence to ensure their books were in good order and they would be Tier 1 compliant. After this, our business plan writers worked with Dmirtrii to make sure his investment would be put to good use over the next five years and ensure his visa extension would be granted. 

  • The VISA. 

    Dmitri followed the advice of our business consultants and his legal advisors which resulted in a successful application. His company has since employed more than ten people and he got his leave to remain 2 years early which is great news. 

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