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Faisal Usmani - Pakistan

After a failed first application, the professional team here were exactly what I needed.

Faisal had made his first application with a business plan he wrote himself - and came to us after his visa was rejected.

Faisal wanted to start a Pakistani restaurant in the North of England, but had his application turned down initially due to faults in his business plan and inability to answer questions in the interview. We guided him through the process, to make a successful second application!

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  • The innovators. 

    Upon meeting Faisal the first time, it was clear his English was good and he had the business know-how to run a restaurant. 

  • The business. 

    Faisal had a clear idea of the type of venture he wished to run, but needed to gain a better understanding of the Restaurant industry in the UK and how his investment would be spent over the 5 year period. His business plan needed to be completely rewritten to be Tier 1 Compliant. 

  • The business Plan.

    As we had the rejection letter from Faisal's previous application, we took 4 weeks to work through the problems the Home Office had raised, and correct them, rewriting his business plan. The extensive research our team did on how best to use Faisal's investment over the next 5 years and competitor analysis, made it easy for Faisal to confidentially present this information in his second interview - which he passed!

  • The VISA. 

    With a winning business plan, Faisal was able to reapply and was granted his VISA without a problem. 

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