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Maria de Sousa - Brazil

PlanWriter had been recommended already. So I knew I was going to get great service.

Maria came to us with a very unique concept. She ran a private detective agency in Rio De Janeiro, and she wanted to grow into the UK. This was going to be a difficult one!

Maria already employed 30 people in Brazil, but we had to research the UK market and prove that her business would be just as successful here, that is where the real hard work was.

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  • The innovators. 

    Maria was full of passion for her business which was great! She knew her market in Brazil inside out. Our hardest task was in educating her on the difference in the UK market where the law was different and so were the associated fees and expenses. 

  • The business. 

    In addition to the research, Maria required our help with understanding the financial position her company would be in in the UK as salaries were more expensive, and clients seemingly paid less for the services - which surprised her (and us). 

  • The business Plan.

    We spent a lot time in research-mode as this was a tough industry to investigate. We also spent a lot of time working on the financial model, trying different pricing models until we finally found a winner that made the business viable. 

  • The VISA. 

    Maria already had the experience she needed to get this business going, this, coupled with the business plan we created for her, meant that she was good to go. She got her visa granted and is now running her business in and around London. 

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