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Shuto Yamaya - Japan

Very happy with the service provided by Visa Plan Writer. I received my VISA and also invested in a company that I love!

Shuto had just finished a degree in music production and wanted to stay in the UK. His solicitor advised him that his best option was the tier 1 visa and that he needed a business plan to support his application.

Initially, he wanted to start his own business but when we received his questionnaire we noted that the business he wanted to start needed more than £200k and that a better plan for him would be to invest in an existing business. This would not only increase his chance of getting his VISA, but also protect his money better and give him the best chance of a return on his investment.

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  • The innovators. 

    Shuto explained his passion for music to us, and his desire to invest in a company he really believed in. He also wanted to find a company that could help with his own music career. Once we understood his needs, we researched a carefully considered short-list of music companies, looking for investment, that would fit his needs. 

  • The business. 

    It was important to find a business that would comply with the home office, be relatively low risk 

  • The business Plan.

    After we found Shuto a company that he loved, we worked closely with Shuto, the company and his solicitor to complete his business plan and make his application. Investing in an existing business means the business plan needs to have a review of the history of the company so this was carefully organised along with a future forecast. We also needed to get third parties to value the business independently as proof of valuation is now key for the business plan to cover when investing in current business plans for this type of sole rep visa application. 

  • The VISA. 

    We recommended a legal firm for Shuto to work with and even helped him achieve a discount from their services. We did a final review of the business plan with the chosen immigration firm and let them handle the VISA application, which was successful!

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