Specialist Business Plan Service for UK Tier 1 Innovator VISA


The contents of each business plan should be different. This is not only because every business is different but also because every location, founder, team and USP is different.

At Visa Plan Writer, our goal is to create unique business plans using no templates that enable you to get your VISA approved but also act as a road map for your business in the UK.

Each business plan we write is bespoke, however the following sections are a guide to what you can expect.

Innovator Introduction

One of the biggest indicators of a businesses likeliness to succeed is it’s founding team. The home office agrees and it’s imperative that the business plan that highlights the skills and experience that the innovator has and makes him/her best suited to running the business that they are applying to start in the UK via the tier 1 VISA.

The Market

Strong market research is often the deciding factor for applications and as an applicant for this VISA you will need to show that you understand the market to prove that you are a genuine Innovator.

Example chapters that will be covered:
  • Industry Research (trends, patterns, growth and a Market SWOT)
  • Competitive Research
  • Local Research
  • Customer Profiling
  • Anything else specific to your business
Business Plan Build

This part of the plan is bespoke client to client as each business is different. It also includes tier 1 requirements.

Example chapters that may be covered:
  • Health & Safety
  • Product Overview
  • Business Ownership

How will find your customers and what will that cost you? You don’t need to go into too much detail but you must show that you have considered both the process and the costs involved in marketing and the different tactics that you intend to you use to reach your audience.

We will evaluate the best marketing methods for you and calculate the costs associated to include in your business plan.

Pricing Strategy

The pricing strategy is in the financials and touched on in the written business plan. If you’re coming to the UK to start your business then you will need to show evidence that you know the following:

  • How will you price your products or services,
  • How does it compare with your competitors?
  • How do you know your customers will pay this price?
  • What is your profit margin per order?
  • How many sales do you need to break even?
  • What are your staff cost ratios?
  • And more.
Business Overview

This is the first part of your business plan and the most important. Here we cover what your business does, why it does it and why it feels that it is a good business opportunity.

Financial Model

Your business success will always come down to numbers. Cash flow can make or break a business. Our goal is to provide you with a detailed financial plan that not only meets tier 1 visa requirements, but most importantly provides realistic and market vetted financial goals for your business that help you determine what to spend where, and understand whether your business is viable and how much investment it will need. Every business is unique and your financials should be too.

Example sections that may be covered:
  • 3 Year model with monthly views.
  • Final output of PNL, Balance Sheet, Net assets, cash flow
  • All financial assumptions listed and driven by your info plus our market research.
  • Tier 1 requirements
  • Anything else specific to your business
Business Plan Design

If you’ve opted for a premium design then after the content is signed off the entire thing will be designed in a professional engaging look that is branded around your existing brand. This helps your business plan to stand out and look professional.

Growth Strategy

Five years is a long time to run a business and we will need to detail how your business will sustain itself against competition, changes in the market, inflation, investment cash flow running out and more.

We’ll also need to explain whether the business plans to grow or stay a lifestyle mini business with 2 core employees.

Location Strategy

The location that you choose to run your business from is no small matter. First, we need to make it clear why the UK is the best place for you to setup and after that we need to detail why you have chosen your specific location and then we will review the following:

  • Office / retail / warehouse space fees based on location
  • Local competitors
  • Local benefits and reasons for choosing this location.