Why Invest in an existing company?

Invest in an industry you love.

We present you with companies that match your CV, so that if you choose to, you can be involved in the business and understand their progress, achievements and needs to grow.

Invest alongside other UK investors.

When investing in a UK company you may not be the first investor or the only investor in this funding round. Having the business invested in by genuine UK investors who are looking for a serious investment opportunity adds a huge amount of affirmation to the investment opportunity and company both for you and in the eyes of the home office.

Increase your chances of getting your VISA.

The main criteria for the UK Tier 1 Innovator VISA is that you are genuinely interested in starting or investing in a real UK business. The above points highlight your serious intent and the feasibility of the business you want to get involved in. You will also benefit from additional resources from the company to support your application which are not available should you decide to start your own business instead.

Join the business at the best time.

All companies we present to you you will be at different stages, but the businesses will all have at least reached the product completion stage, meaning they are ready to launch.

This is an exciting time to join a company and means that your money will go towards sales and marketing and not research and setup.

Benefit from founder commitment.

The company you invest in may be small, but with a committed founding team already in place.

Founders normally work more hours for less salary. Sometimes working for free for the sake of the company until the company reaches certain milestones. This type of team is the best asset a business can have.

Invest at the right level.

PlanWriter takes cares of all parts of the process. From sourcing the best opportunities to qualify you for your VISA, company valuation, competitor, market and financial due diligence, founder interviews, & deal negotiation. We also look after the final investment paperwork including shareholder agreements, the business plan on application and the final VISA application.

Interested? Add us on Skype now to chat to us about our current Investment Opportunities and find out our process.