Quality Guarantee

PlanWriter and it’s subsidiary, Visa Plan Writer offer a quality guarantee on all it’s business plans that cover our clients and ensure a top level of service.


Plagiarism is a key problem in the industry with many applications attempting to download templates from the internet or amending sample plans that they have seen.

The most important guarantee we can give our clients is thus the guarantee of unique content with no plagiarism. We never use templates, we never repeat information from plan to plan. Each plan is written bespoke, tailored to the client, their industry & their location.

Market Research

Market research needs to be accurate, relevant, and up to date. With sources provided. Our quality guarantee means we will always meet this criteria.

We have invested in thousands of reports that we use. This, combined with our years of experience means that our research is unbeatable and you won’t get better value for money elsewhere.


The point of having someone professionally review your financials and create a projection is to highlight whether or not your business is viable. For any genuine entrepreneur or investor, this is the most important factor when starting a new business. If you invest £200k and you will only get £50k out of it over 3 years, then this is not a good business opportunity.

For tier 1 applications your financials are more complicated. You have to balance what the business needs to grow with the rules of the VISA.

We will work on your financials first to create a feasible business model that brings your business into profit and second to ensure that all tier 1 rules are met.

Note, our quality guarantee means that if your VISA is rejected for plagiarism, inaccurate market research, or financials that have not met tier 1 standards, we will do all amends for free for you. However if your VISA is rejected for any other reason then you will need to speak to your solicitor about next steps. VISA Plan Writer and PlanWriter are not immigration advisors and cannot advise on the legal implications of your VISA.